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10 Tips To Watering You’re Lawn

With increasing water rates throughout the US, homeowners are looking  for better ways to conserve water and still keep their lawns looking good. Here are simple tips to get you started on the most efficient methods of watering your lawn.

1. Pay Attention to Water Restrictions- Many states, counties or cities enforce water restrictions throughout the spring and summer. Find out the details of these restrictions so that you can make the most of the days when you are permitted to water your lawn. In some areas, you could receive a fine for watering when prohibited, so it’s really worth it to learn about the restrictions in your area.

2. Water in the Early Morning- The best time to water is between 5am and 10am. The second best time is in the evening between 6pm to 8pm. Watering during the night could promote fungus growth.

3. Monitor Rainfall- Don’t water the lawn if rains are expected. Keep track of rainfall for the week to help you plan your watering schedule.

4. Check Sprinklers- Regularly check your sprinklers to ensure they are not clogged or have torn lines.

5. Use Rainwater- Collecting rainwater from your roof into a rain barrel or other large container is a great way to save water by reusing rainwater. All you’ll need to do is keep a covered barrel with an insect screen. Use the collected water for your lawn or plants.

6. Monitor Distribution Rates- Monitor how much water your sprinkler system is distributing to each area of your lawn. Place large bowls or tins on the lawn to assess how much water is being distributed in each area.  Make any necessary adjustments to the sprinklers according to the results.

7. Install and Irrigation System- An irrigation system can save a lot of water and money. It will water your lawn in the exact areas it needs, with the exact amount of water you choose. Many irrigation systems come with a timer so that you can set a schedule that is beneficial to your grasses growth.

8. Sprinkler Head Adjustment- Make sure your sprinkler heads are adjusted to watering the lawn (in the case where you may have switched them for watering plants).

9. Minimize Water Runoff- You can do this by watering in 15-30 minute sessions, every other day, rather then in one long continuous session.

10. Be Water Smart- Does your grass really need as much water as you think?  How important to you is it to have the greenest grass on the block?  Would you rather save the money and use less water?  Take some time to re-think your watering habits.

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